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Greenworx and Pacific Environmental Technologies are pleased to announce our partnership to bring affordable solar panel systems to our residential and commercial customers. With over 30 years of experience in all aspects of commercial and industrial facility design and construction, our experts at PETI can design and deploy an affordable and reliable solar panel system to suit a wide range of energy generation and storage requirements. The experts at Greenworx have 12 years of experience in designing and installing solar panel systems for residential customers across the southwestern US and are masters in providing end-to-end solutions covering intial consultation, design, permitting, installation, and final approval processes. Call us today to schedule a consultation or to discuss your specific design requirements.

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Energy Storage Systems

With optional battery systems, you can store power generated during the day for use during peak nighttime hours. Connect your lights or applicances to ensure continued operation on battery power even during service outages.

Empowering Your Home

Empower your home with solar and slash your power bill with our efficient solar panel systems. When coupled with our battery storage systems or on-site generators, protect yourself against service interruptions and planned outages or sell back your excess power to help meet increased energy demand during the peak summer months. Help protect the environment by switching to sustainable, on-site power generation today.

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With industry-leading performance and premium components, Greenworx partners with REC and QCells to provide the most advanced and efficient solar panels available. Utilizing the latest in design and materials, our panels utilize crystalline silicon junctions for both high and reliable power generation over the 20 year lifetime of the panel, while being virtually immune to light degradation and offering optimized performance in both shaded and full-sun conditions.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Your solar panel system is only as efficient as the connection between it and your home. With efficiencies of up to 99%, we utilize industry-leading microinverters and power optimizers that efficiently convert the power generated by your solar panel system into energy usable in your home with little to negligible energy loss. With the optional power generation and consumption monitoring app, you can see exactly how much power you're generating and using from your solar panel system to ensure that you're saving the most money possible.

Go Green, Save Green

With attractive loan and financing options and generous tax credits, installing a solar panel system has never been more affordable. We partner with multiple lenders to get you the best financing rates possible in addition to Federal and State tax incentives. When coupled with a lowered electricity bill, our systems can pay for themselves within 2 years, and will continue to offer significant annual energy savings for many years afterward.

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Federal Tax Incentives & Credits

With the explosion of solar panel systems and the continued shift toward green, sustainable, and renewable energy sources, the Federal Government is offering unprecedented tax credits for commercial and residential customers who purchase and operate a solar power generation system to offset their energy usage. The solar ITC (Investment Tax Credit) implemented in 2006 allows you to deduct 26% of the total cost of your solar panel system from your Federal income taxes. In 2020, Congress voted to extend the solar ITC initiative to 2022, after which the incentive will be gradually phased out -- so time is running out to maximize your benefits! See the SEIA explanation of the solar ITC for more information or download the fact sheet.

Additionally, visit the IRS website or speak with your tax professional to assist with the required Form 5695 to claim your residential energy credits.

Financing Options

Greenworx partners with several lenders to provide attractive financing options for new solar panel customers. With $0 down options, low fixed rates starting at 3.5% APR, flexible payment plans, and terms up to 30 years, installing a new solar panel system has never been more affordable. Less than perfect credit? We understand that times have been more challenging than ever before during and in the wake of the on-going pandemic and have financing options available with no minimum FICO.

Don't Get Left in the Dark

Nobody likes being left in the dark. From power outages to planned interruptions to rolling blackouts, maintaining a steady flow of power can be challenging, particularly in the brutal summer months. Our systems generate constant, reliable power during the periods when these challenges are mostly likely to impact your home, and when coupled with our energy storage systems, you can continue to keep your lights on and appliances running. When futher supplemented with traditional on-site generators, you can keep your entire home powered and climate controlled during service interruptions.

Hassle-Free Installation

From initial consultation through final approval, our team of experts at Greenworx take care of everything. Typical installation begins with an initial consultation to determine your energy usage and whether a solar panel system is right for your home, followed by a series of inspections to layout the system on your rooftop or yard. Once approved, we then acquire all the required permits and approvals from your local building department to proceed with installation. Our team of technicians will install the best panels for your energy requirements and connect them to your existing electrical panel or energy storage system to start lowering your electricity bill immediately. Typical installation time from initial consultation to final approval is approximately 8 weeks.

Built to Last

With a 20 year panel warranty and 25 year power output warranty, our systems are designed to last for the lifetime of your home. Strong and lightweight, our panel systems are designed to handle extreme snow and wind loads while adding minimal weight to the existing roof load of your home. See our optional availble servicing and maintenance plans to guarantee that your system stays in peak operating condition for the lifetime of the system.

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