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Clean Room Shoe Cover Dispenser - Product Information

Industrial or commercial businesses have special needs when it comes to shoe covers.
This machine has the advantage of being portable, easy to clean and requires no electricity to function. A variety of booties are supported and can be reloaded quickly in 100-count increments. The Kinetic Butler also comes in a large model, the KineticButler Extreme for high volume environments.

Benefits of Using the Kinetic BootieButler:
Safety / Ease of Use??- The KineticButler?s unique, sturdy design allows workers to put on Shoe Covers Quickly, Easily and Safely. No longer will you find workers cutting corners and putting themselves at risk of falling by balancing precariously on one foot or leaning against a wall.

Consider the cost of ONE worker?s compensation claim avoided when comparing the KineticButler to your current shoe cover solution.

Increase Productivity- Industry reports indicate that it takes workers an average of 35 seconds to put on a pair of shoe covers. Using the KineticButler, application time is reduced to only 5 seconds; an 85.7% reduction. This is time that can be used for productive tasks.

As a perspective, for every 1,000 pair of shoe covers used, the KineticButler helps you recapture 500 minutes (8.3 hours) of production labor in your operation. That is a $450 savings, at $50/labor hour.