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Essential Functional Activities & Responsibilities of the position

  • This is a position where the individual must be able to self start, visualize the requirements, ask questions, set goals, anticipate, schedule the work load and produce the required results within the time constraints of the assignments or tasks.
  • The individual is expected to perform semi autonomously (with minimal supervision) and direction once the expectations are set and training is completed.
  • The position will primarily interface with the accounting and construction departments, but other departments as needed
  • Daily activities will include:
    • Creating purchase orders
    • Filing purchase orders
    • Tracking purchase orders
    • Scheduling purchases
    • Reconciling bills to purchase orders
    • Reconciling receivers to purchase orders
    • Maintaining/filing general office postings and log files.
    • Preparing binders for various departments
    • Negotiate shipping and freight terms
    • Prepare bills of lading
    • Check inventory stock online
    • Requesting insurance certificates
    • Check contractor licenses
    • Providing research for sales dept
    • Prepare mailing addresses for sales department
    • Applying the proper sales tax rate to orders
  • Activities will include developing a purchasing schedule for each new project. Provide weekly updates as to delivery status, and any challenges regarding the delivery date.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by management

Knowledge base required of the position

  • Knowledge of construction and manufacturing materials.
  • Knowledge of commercial and industrial construction practices.
  • Knowledge of shipping methods
  • Hands on working knowledge of Quickbooks Enterprise edition including the inventory module.

Skills and Abilities required of the position

  • English is his/or her most proficient language
  • Above average ability to communicate with customers, vendors, team members and others in a courteous and professional manner.
  • Have good written, listening and oral communication skills.
  • Above average presentation skills
  • Ability to create an efficient work environment with little or no supervision
  • Ability to prioritize and efficiently carry out several tasks concurrently
  • Ability to effectively function as a team player and cooperate with other departments
  • Has the ability to distinguish between urgent and important vs. not urgent and not important and then act accordingly
  • Ability to stay organized.
  • Be above average in keyboarding and use of a personal computer.
  • Hands on ability to use MS Excel to create spreadsheets utilizing formulas.
  • Experience with MS Project to produce schedules
  • Above average in math (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

Attitude of the person taking the position

  • Self motivated “can do” attitude
  • Good enough is not good enough
  • Has a good self image and respects the differences of others
  • The customer is king. We should deliver beyond the customer’s expectations
  • The team should work together for the betterment of the organization and service to the customer
  • Mistakes or problems are an opportunity to learn, train & improve
  • Goes the extra mile outside of the basic activities
  • Wants to learns new skills on the job and off the job
  • Passionate about the work, not just a check or a job


  • Is a results oriented individual
  • Expects the best from others and himself
  • Observes and develops methods to improve the business systems to support the best performance and efficiency
  • Self trains and team trains to achieve the best possible achievement.


  • Neat & detail oriented
  • Organized & methodical
  • Sets daily, weekly and annual goals
  • Focuses on not just the urgent but also the important
  • Sets time aside to work on the important longer term goals
  • Keeps a task or “to do” log so as not to overlook items
  • Self starter
  • Punctual and reliable daily attendance


  • Jr. College graduate
  • Course work in accounting
  • Course work in math


  • Worked in the commercial/industrial construction industry for 3 + years purchasing materials, parts, negotiating terms.


  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Has worked specifically in the clean room, laboratory or controlled environment industry


  • Reliable transportation an absolute must

If you believe this describes you, please submit your resume to hrdept@peticleanair.com for consideration. When appropriate, we will invite strong candidates to take the next step by scheduling an interview. We are an equal opportunity employer.