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Shop Manager

Minimum general requirements:

  • 2~5 years experience in a sheet metal shop environment as a foreman or supervisor of others in support of construction trades.
  • Experience should be using shears, presses, welding equipment, powered cutting equipment, drill presses and measuring equipment
  • Experience in working with simple electrical systems and components.
  • Have been functionally responsible for ensuring that assemblies and finished goods are ready according to shipping deadlines.
  • Understand quality and inspection .
  • Performed shipping and receiving functions.
  • Solution and goal achievement oriented.
  • Ability to schedule work load to support multiple project bid timelines.
  • Must be a US citizen or have valid green card.

Minimum educational requirements:

  • High School graduate.
  • Preferred to have Jr College AA in manufacturing.
  • Course work in blue print reading.
  • Course work in welding.
  • Course work metal fabricating.
  • Course work in basic electrical systems.
  • Course work in the use of Excel spreadsheets.

Skills and abilities:

  • English is his or her native language or exceptionally strong equivalent ability.
  • Above average math skills.
  • Working knowledge of Excel spread sheet formulas.
  • Good written, listening and oral communications skills.
  • Good supervisory skills.
  • Ability to put together a shipping schedule.
  • Ability to prioritize what components of the work need attention first.
  • Good presentation skills in a group or one on one setting.
  • Good trouble shooting and analytical skills.
  • See and think in "3D" to avoid costly missed work or labor hours.

What we are not looking for:

  • Someone who has only done shop work under the supervision of a manager or foreman.
  • Someone who requires daily instruction on what to do each day.
  • Someone who cannot read blue prints.
  • Someone who cannot sit in a meeting and after hearing the project objectives, put a manufacturing timeline and shipping schedule together.
  • Someone who doesn’t document what has been performed.
  • Someone for whom quality and precision is not important.
  • Someone who allows sloppiness and tolerates a mess.
  • Someone who wants to function independent of the group needs.

If you believe this describes you, please submit your resume to hrdept@peticleanair.com for consideration. When appropriate, we will invite strong candidates to take the next step by scheduling an interview. We are an equal opportunity employer.