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PETI offers cleanrooms with extra-high ceilings (high-bay cleanrooms) to accomodate unique manufacturing and engineering applications. Capable of exceeding 20ft, PETI's high bay cleanrooms are perfect for the aerospace and aviation industries where cleanliness is critical. From satellites to space-bourne or hermetically sealed telescopes with delicate optics, PETI's high-bay cleanrooms can maintain cleanliness levels of class ten (10).

  • This powder coated black Hi-Bay cleanroom structure has a height adjustable from 24’ to 32’ and built-in air bearings to allow it to be easily moved between various areas and for precise positioning around the article in which it is being used
  • Softwall curtains yet to be installed are a black non-out gassing fabric. The curtains on two sides of the cleanroom will be on a roller track and pulley system for easy curtain operation. All black paint and curtains were used for a low light application

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