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cleanroom table

Our clean room tables adhere to any level of cleanliness by eliminating particle generation and oxidation. Constructed from stainless steel (other materials available), our tables feature a variety of finishes and styles. Available in solid, perforated, tube, rode, and mesh-style tops, the work surfaces are sturdy and secure while allowing air to flow through them virtually unimpeded. Optional height adjustment, drawers, and casters offer full customizability and maximize versatility. Drawers feature ultra quiet and smooth gliding with flush mounted handles to minimize contamination. Conductive versions feature a chain or cable drag for static control.

    Desks & Tables:
  • Adheres to any cleanliness level
  • Sturdy, stainless steel construction (other materials available)
  • Solid, perforated, tube, rod, and mesh style tops
  • Optional height adjustment, drawers, and casters maximize versatility
  • Silent drawers and flush mounted handles
  • Conductive versions available