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Clean Air Hoods - Product Information:

PETI's clean air hoods offer portable, on-demand laminar flow HEPA filtered air for sensitive manufacturing, assembly, and testing processes. Lightweight and sturdy, these units feature an isolated redundant double-blower design that ensures low noise, very low vibration, and a service life of many years. Air is blown across a 99.97% efficient (@ 0.3 micron) HEPA filter to maintain a continuous positive pressure within the hood and a safe, clean working environment for the sensitive equipment inside.

All our hoods are constructed using 1/4in. acrylic, PVC, or polycarbonate available in clear, opaque, and amber finishes. The transparent models offer full 360 degree visibility, allowing you to keep a watchful eye on sensitive processes from any direction. All units feature a bottomless design and oversized front opening that allows for entry or placement over large or oversized parts and assemblies, and its 30lb assembled weight ensure easy, on-demand transportability.

Optional mounting plate and grounded 115-volt receptacle allow for the mounting of task lighting, static control equipment, etc., and provide power for tools and equipment.

    Standard Features:
  • Sloped front for seamless, uninterrupted visibility of work surface
  • Redundant double-blower design ensures continuous positive pressure with low noise, minimal vibration, and long service life
  • Bottomless design with oversized front opening to accomodate large parts
  • 360 degree visibility (on clear finishes)
  • Sturdy, lightweight construction -- approx 30 lbs fully assembled
  • Solvent-bonded, flame-polished seams

Clean Air Hoods - Product Options:

clean air hood

Our clean air hoods offer separate internal mounting plates to accomodate task lighting, static control equipment, and feature a 115-volt grounded socket to provide power for tools and equipment, while optional static-dissipative PVC construction offers superior static neutralization. Available in your choice of acrylic, polycarbonate, or PVC construction in clear, amber, or opaque finishes.

"Floating surface" tables are a 2-piece system consisting of a square frame supported by legs surrounding a standard work surface. This two-piece design completely isolates the hood from the work surface, eliminiating vibration in critical situations. Tables are powder- coated, square tube steel construction finished in white and rated for up to class 1. Optional casters and table interlock allow both units to be moved together.

  • ESD safe, static neutralizing construction available
  • Acrylic, polycarbonate, or PVC construction
  • Clear, amber, or opaque finishes
  • Optional internal mounting plate
  • 115-volt grounded socket
  • Optional vibration dampened table and frame