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Air Showers - Product Information

  • Above: Air-shower with interlocking stainless steel doors.
The use of an air shower is an effective way to remove surface contaminates from gowned personnel, materials and equipment prior to them entering the cleanroom. By providing a high-velocity stream of air through adjustable nozzles, the air shower ensures the efficient scrubbing action necessary to remove particulates from whatever might be introduced into the air shower. These dislodged and now air bourne particles are caught up in the low wall return air grilles and retained within the air showers HEPA filter media, which is 99.99% efficient on contaminates as small as 0.3 microns. A microprocessor control system provides control over the air shower, including the time duration in which the air shower purges its occupants. In addition, interlocking doors allow only one door at a time to be opened to prevent unnecessary cross-contamination of the cleanroom. These interlocking doors will automatically release in the event of a power failure to ensure operator safety.

Personnel and material/equipment air showers are provided by Pacific Environmental Technologies in a variety of finishes and configurations to meet any requirement, from small cart pass through air showers to large multi person air shower tunnels. All of our air showers are pre-wired & tested before packaging for shipment. Disconnect, motor starter and short circuit & overload protection is included, all you need to do is provide the final electrical connection from a reliable power source.

Have a special request? Please contact Pacific Environmental Technologies or Request a Quote to explore additional options.

Air Showers - Product Options

  • Above: Air shower with one clear acrylic door and optional amber lighting.
    Standard Features:
  • Plastic laminate finish
  • 99.97% absolute filters
  • Emergency panic switch
  • Completely sealed surfaces
  • Factory pre-wired & tested
  • Micro processor control system
  • Commercial duty aluminum doors with 1/4" tempered glass
  • Disconnect, motor starter, short circuit and overload protection
  • Interlocking doors, release automatically in the event of power failure

    Optional Features:
  • Ionization
  • AC duct collars
  • Automatic doors
  • Low clearance units
  • PC software for PLC
  • Various display panels
  • Ultra-clean ULPA filters
  • Vertical laminar flow ceiling
  • Anodized Aluminum wall finish
  • Programming key pad for controller
  • Motion Sensors for automatic operation
  • One-way, Two-way or Three-way Entry
  • Right and Left Turns and Straight Entrance/Exits
  • Construction out of Painted Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminum Honeycomb
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